Bathrooms are an important part of the house. A luxurious bathroom is the pride and glory of a homeowner. This article will teach you how to have one and how to save money on remodelling a bathroom.

Types of Bathroom
There are many bathrooms variants existing today. However, the following are the most common:

  • Three Fixture Bathroom
  • Compartment Bathroom
  • Guest Bathroom/Powder Room: are usually placed near dining rooms or living rooms. Of the two, it is best to install it near the living room.
  • Utility Bathroom: is great for those individuals who live in urban areas where washing or drying areas are hard to find.
  • Large Bathrooms: made for luxury and comfort. Most of them are designed with compartments and can be installed with multiple washbasins, bathtubs and toilets. However, the main purpose is to install large luxurious bathtubs and Jacuzzi inside. This is perfect for those people who suffer phobia from tightly enclosed spaces.
  • Types:
    Shower Room
    Family Bathroom
    Jack and Jill Bathroom

How to Make a small Bathroom Luxurious?

“The luxury that a bathroom gives depends on its appearance” claims Bloq Bathrooms a specialists in bathroom renovations company in Melbourne  . No matter how big or small it is if the appearance is not catchy then a bathroom is not luxurious. To add a sense of luxury in a bathroom consider using the following styles:

Contemporary Styles Bathroom
Clean lines, confusion-free design and minimum adornments is key for most contemporary styles. To provide a more uniform approach be sure to install doors and knobs which match the colour of dark and light.

Electic Design: an open feel on the inside and creates less confusion for the eyes.

Mediterranean Style Bathroom: This is done by utilizing ornate rugs, tapestries, and intricate tile mosaics. For a more airy and open space sensation, large terracotta tiles can be used for flooring.

Is it Worth to Remodel a Bathroom and How to Decrease Cost to do It?
A bathroom that has moulds, rusts, and many other slimy substances needs to be remodelled. An old and worn bathroom can bring potential dangers to a family such as accidents, sickness, etc. Remodelling a bathroom for safety is worth it no matter what the cost is. However, remodelling it for appearance can be worth it or have no worth at all depending on the budget of the homeowner.

The best way to save money on remodelling a bathroom is to find professionals in line with this work who have a wide array of connections. Most remodelling agents have their contacts where a homeowner can purchase the materials needed for a negotiable price. Another way to save money is to buy materials beforehand even when remodelling a bathroom will be started on later years. Construction supplies get more expensive each year that is why buying them when they are still cheap is recommended.

No matter what style a bathroom has it is still useless if the bathroom is dirty. This is why after remodelling and adapting a particular style, a homeowner should keep in mind that a truly luxurious bathroom is clean and is not disgusting on the eye of visitors.