Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Smart kitchens are taking the world by storm. Kitchens these days not only serve the family but the whole family and even the visitors. The kitchen has a much larger role in people’s daily lives, which is why kitchen designers are continuously working on new ways to make kitchens more efficient and functional. Here are the top trends in kitchen design expected to see in next year with tips from different design professionals. These are:

Smart Interiors

As the name suggests, smart kitchens are very efficient and functional with various features including appliances, storage solutions and smart layout that take care of the entire kitchen space. Smart kitchen designs make full use of the kitchen space with effective placement of appliances, cupboards, and countertops. The layout of appliances and cabinets also allows flexibility when accommodating different types of food and cooking utensils. With these smart kitchen design ideas, you can get everything you need for your kitchen within the allocated area.

New Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is one of the fastest-growing fields in home remodelling. There are several reasons why people opt for a new kitchen renovation. One is because you want to fit in with the latest trends where everything is trendy and modern. If you want to create a modern, hip kitchen suitable for large families, new kitchen layouts are the best option.

Unique House Styles

With modern kitchen designs, there are more choices to create a unique kitchen experience. Home designers and homemakers are experimenting with traditional kitchen designs to bring outhouse styles and new kitchen functionality. They have brought new ovens, stoves, small refrigerators, and microwave ovens. This gives you more options to cook delicious cookie recipes, pasta, and other foods in your kitchen.
New Kitchen Islands. Other kitchen designs for small kitchens include kitchen islands. These islands can be a separate workstation or can be incorporated with existing cabinets for additional storage space. A kitchen island with kitchen counter can help you save countertop space.

Energy Efficient Appliances

It has been observed that most homeowners are moving towards energy-efficient appliances and devices. One reason for this is the rising energy costs. With the increase in fuel prices, it becomes imperative for every individual to take a step towards energy conservation. This is one of the key reasons behind the popularity of innovative kitchen design ideas for small kitchens.

New Cabinets and Appliances

Another benefit of kitchen design ideas for small kitchens is the inclusion of new cabinets and appliances. Today, manufacturers offer beautiful cabinets with unparalleled functionality. You get outstanding features such as under-mount sink, single oven, extractor range, water dispenser, dishwasher, ice maker, wine cooler, and more.

Compact Lighting

Compact fluorescent lighting or LED cabinetry can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. Today’s cabinets are designed so that they provide ample visibility even at the end of a counter. New kitchen islands, countertops, and appliances help you save countertop space.

Functional Focal Point

The functional focal point of small kitchen design ideas is the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets provide ample storage space for the utensils and appliances that are required in the kitchen. There are different cabinetry types, such as cabinetry with an open concept, cabinetry with a sliding door, and cabinetry installed inside the wall.

Dura Supreme Kitchens

Nowadays, you get started with kitchen design ideas for small kitchens by selecting from a range of stunningly beautiful cabinetry. You get started by selecting the right colour. White and black are among the popular colours for creating a stunning look. Then choose the right type of wood to create a stylish new kitchen design.
Kitchen Islands and Countertops.

Kitchen islands are also known as kitchen worktops. This is a centrally located work surface placed over the stove or oven to save countertop space. The countertop is ideal for storing all kinds of appliances. A countertop without any island design will not have sufficient space to store all the appliances required in a kitchen.

Electrical Outlets and Placement

After determining the layout and the appliances, you need to set the electrical outlets and their kitchen location. You can place the outlet on the wall to save floor space. You can also choose the appliances and cabinet styles based on the electrical outlets that you have. For convenience, you can install an electronic bread-saver or other appliances such as a coffee maker in the kitchen layout that can be plugged in using the electric outlets.

Best Methods for Cleaning your Paintbrushes

The best method to clean your paintbrushes, whether you’ve just painted with oil-based or water-based paints, would be to clean them immediately – this is a simple process as the paint isn’t dry yet, so you can easily remove the paint under a cold tap.

But the problem is many of us do not do this; after countless hours of painting our home or painting a garden shed, we just can’t be bothered with the added work of cleaning our paintbrushes there and then.

So you leave the paint to go hard on our brushes, ruining them. Throwing them away afterward and opting to buy another set for next time. Not only will this cost you unnecessarily $$$ from your wallet, but you are also creating unnecessary waste, which is less than ideal in today’s world.

Thanks to the providers of this content McIntosh Painters Melbourne we’ve got you covered. So you’ve got some paintbrushes that are full of hard paint; then we’re going to walk you through a step by step process on how to clean them.

How to Remove Acrylic paint from a paintbrush

So, you’ve got a collection of paintbrushes that are covered in rock hard acrylic paint thanks to your last home decoration project, and instead of throwing them away buying a new set, you’ve taken it upon yourself to clean them.

Here are the things you’re going to need:

  • A large bucket.
  • Water
  • Old rag
  • Clean cloth

Step 1. – Put your paintbrushes in the bucket.

With your large bucket in hand, you’re going to want to place your paintbrushes within, ensuring that they can be fully submerged into the water.

Although we only really care about cleaning the paint covered bristles, we might as well clean the handles too while we’re at it.

Step 2. – Add water and leave your brushes to soak.

Add enough water to the bucket so that the paintbrushes are fully submerged in the water.

Leave them for a couple of minutes so that the water can properly soak into the brushes, helping to release the paint.

Step 3 – Rinse your brushes.

After a couple of minutes, stir the brushes in the water, wiping each one against the side to remove the paint.

You could also grab an old rag to get the old paint off this way, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Once all of the paint seems to have come off, take another dry cloth/rag and ensure that the paintbrushes are dry and you’re all done.

How to Clean oil-based paint off your brushes

The way you would clean your oiled-based paint-covered brushes is slightly different from what would be done with your acrylic paint covered brushes, though it’s just as easy when using our step by step guide.

Here is what you’re going to need to make sure you can fully clean your brushes:

  • Dust Mask
  • Safety Glasses
  • Turpentine
  • Bucket
  • Old Rag
  • Clean cloth

Step 1. – Put your brushes into the bucket.

Ensure you are protected; put on your dust mask and safety glasses to help protect yourself from the fumes before you do anything else.

Just as we did when we were cleaning our acrylic paint brushes, you’re going to want to place your paintbrushes into the bucket, ensuring that they will get fully covered once we add the liquid.

Step 2. – Add turpentine to the bucket.

Pour some turpentine into the bucket so that the brushes are fully submerged.

Leave the brushes in there for several minutes to soak.

Step 3 – Leave for several minutes and rinse your brushes

Swirl your brushes around in the liquid and wipe them on the side of the bucket or grab an old rag and take any remaining paint off.

You’ll want to grab another rag afterward to ensure they are fully dry and clean.


Ideally, in the future, you’re going to want to clean your brushes as soon as you stop using them, rinsing them off with some water.

Though now that you’re equipped with the information, if you ever have paint covered brushes ever again, you are more than able to clean them up, allowing you to use them for your next DIY paint project.

A Helpful Guide on Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important part of the house. A luxurious bathroom is the pride and glory of a homeowner. This article will teach you how to have one and how to save money on remodelling a bathroom.

Types of Bathroom
There are many bathrooms variants existing today. However, the following are the most common:

  • Three Fixture Bathroom
  • Compartment Bathroom
  • Guest Bathroom/Powder Room: are usually placed near dining rooms or living rooms. Of the two, it is best to install it near the living room.
  • Utility Bathroom: is great for those individuals who live in urban areas where washing or drying areas are hard to find.
  • Large Bathrooms: made for luxury and comfort. Most of them are designed with compartments and can be installed with multiple washbasins, bathtubs and toilets. However, the main purpose is to install large luxurious bathtubs and Jacuzzi inside. This is perfect for those people who suffer phobia from tightly enclosed spaces.
  • Types:
    Shower Room
    Family Bathroom
    Jack and Jill Bathroom

How to Make a small Bathroom Luxurious?

“The luxury that a bathroom gives depends on its appearance” claims Bloq Bathrooms a specialists in bathroom renovations company in Melbourne  . No matter how big or small it is if the appearance is not catchy then a bathroom is not luxurious. To add a sense of luxury in a bathroom consider using the following styles:

Contemporary Styles Bathroom
Clean lines, confusion-free design and minimum adornments is key for most contemporary styles. To provide a more uniform approach be sure to install doors and knobs which match the colour of dark and light.

Electic Design: an open feel on the inside and creates less confusion for the eyes.

Mediterranean Style Bathroom: This is done by utilizing ornate rugs, tapestries, and intricate tile mosaics. For a more airy and open space sensation, large terracotta tiles can be used for flooring.

Is it Worth to Remodel a Bathroom and How to Decrease Cost to do It?
A bathroom that has moulds, rusts, and many other slimy substances needs to be remodelled. An old and worn bathroom can bring potential dangers to a family such as accidents, sickness, etc. Remodelling a bathroom for safety is worth it no matter what the cost is. However, remodelling it for appearance can be worth it or have no worth at all depending on the budget of the homeowner.

The best way to save money on remodelling a bathroom is to find professionals in line with this work who have a wide array of connections. Most remodelling agents have their contacts where a homeowner can purchase the materials needed for a negotiable price. Another way to save money is to buy materials beforehand even when remodelling a bathroom will be started on later years. Construction supplies get more expensive each year that is why buying them when they are still cheap is recommended.

No matter what style a bathroom has it is still useless if the bathroom is dirty. This is why after remodelling and adapting a particular style, a homeowner should keep in mind that a truly luxurious bathroom is clean and is not disgusting on the eye of visitors.

Bathroom Design Software

The best way to plan the bathroom design is to make use of design software. Before starting your design, consider what you would want to put in the bathroom. Using ‘Room Sketchers‘ –┬ádesign software lets you choose from a number of templates. It is possible you see a template then decide it needs a bathtub refinishing. Later on, you have the option to view it in 3D.

In addition, it is pretty easy to use as you just need to drag and drop all the things you would want in a bathroom until you are completely satisfied with what you see.

Can I design my bathroom online?
There is an app called the RoomSketcher and it allows you to design your entire home. From the living room up to the bathroom, the app provides you with the power to design it whichever way you want it to. After designing your own bathroom, you can even share it online so other people can see it. Besides, sharing is caring so you are doing other people a favour. If they like what you did, there is a huge possibility they will give you credit for that.

What are the latest trends in Bathrooms?
The latest trends would have a washabsin and a bathtub surround. After all, there is nothing like relaxing at the bathtub after a long day at the office. You would want to think about nothing while relaxing there.

What are the bathroom colors for 2019?
It is to give a great mood for the people who are using the bathroom. This is definitely the place where you spend a lot of time at in your home. You will brush your teeth, take a bath, and fix your hair in the bathroom. Therefore, you can’t blame yourself if you prefer an Italian design so there will be bathtub enclosures and shower enclosures.

What bathroom tile is in style?
The wooden look is in style today as it captures the hearts of so many interior designers all over the world. You can’t really blame them due to how great it looks from the eyes of so many people.

Which Colour is best for bathroom tiles?
There is no question white is the best colour for bathroom tiles because it will give you the impression that the bathroom is pretty spacious. That is exactly what you would want to feel while you are using it so you will feel comfortable.

What is the most popular bathroom tile?
Without a doubt, the most popular bathroom tile is porcelain. When you choose porcelain, you are ensured that your tiles are going to last a pretty long time. That means it will be several decades before you even think about replacing it. Besides, that is the last thing you would want to think about.

How to make my living house more attractive?

It is everyone’s priority to make our homes much comfortable and attractive. Thus, we are expected to make minor changes and occasional renovations so that our homes will please us and give us good energy. Choosing furniture and decorating is an expensive and challenging process. But really, you don’t have to change the furniture to have a beautiful house. Below are tips on how to make my living house more attractive?

1. Treat your entrance

The path to your front door must be faultless. If your pavement shows signs of shortness of breath, it’s time to close the ranks, to remove the weeds. If your driveway is lined with a hedge, cut it to make it look more attractive.

2. Refresh your main door.

As the saying goes, we have only once the opportunity to make an excellent first impression. Give your home a slight facelift by reviving or repainting the front door and its frame. It is one of the ways of adding interest and style to your home by adding colour without breaking the bank.

3. Making sure everything is in detail.

You do not need to change all the facades of your closets. Outstanding degreasing will already give them a better look. Tie yourself to small details that will make all the difference. For a few dollars, replace your old buttons and handles with new models to bring out the fashionable touch. Shapes, colours, materials of all combinations are possible.

4. Bring a techno touch.

If your heating plates date from the last century? They do not correspond to current standards of practicality or energy savings? Induction of hobs today symbolises the jewel of modernity. And their price has democratised.

Today, for a few dollars, you can get most brands and models whose functions and looks will amaze your future visitors. Assured by a professional, replacing your old plates will not take more than an hour. Small accessories have a much more significant effect than we think about the energy of the house.

Scented candles, for example, are small but mighty accessories that can spread positive energy everywhere.

Small sculptures reveal personality and lifestyle and, in some cases, can serve as weights for papers and even books. As they are not common, they can customise your home.

5. Different furniture

In the past, interior decoration bases on sets and combinations, following the same style, colours and sizes. Nowadays, flexibility and variety are concepts that dominate environments. Textures, colours and styles can be combined without losing harmony!

6. Cleaning and order

None of these matters is much without cleanliness and order. Your home will look beautiful and refreshing, with thorough cleaning regularly.

When talking about thorough cleaning, we talk about paying attention to the smallest details, such as tile grouts. Cleaning the window panes, for example, will make the house much brighter and more refreshing.

7. Textiles

We know that sense experiences in our daily lives, such as what we see, touch and smell, also affect our quality of life. It is no different with textiles, which stimulate both vision and touch. So, it is a good idea to replace the old seat covers with new ones that completely change the decor of the room.

Curtains are another example of textiles that change the face of the house. If you cannot replace them with new ones, wash them with scented products and remove any stains on them.

The same applies to hand and bath towels, which need to be washed with fabric softeners to be pleasing to the touch. Handmade pieces can give a nice and cozy feel to an environment like the bedroom, for example.

8. Replace your old toilet

Changing your old cracked or enamelled toilets can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your bathroom. For only a few dollars, there are today a lot of colours and shapes with a studied look that will put some pep in your bathroom. However, be sure to find a model whose connection will require the least possible development, so as not to push up your bill. If your budget is too tight, a new, well-chosen scope will do almost the same thing.

In conclusion, making changes in positive changes in a room is essential. This is because it will make your house more attractive and pleasing.

Interior Design Question Session 2020

Below are a bunch of questions from a variety of members of the community and answers from other members. View and scroll through the images in the post as the text it not worth actually reading (sorry).

How can I decorate my home interior?

The first thing to do would be to hire a good interior designer and take some advice so you’ll get some ideas and know whats needed. Don’t attempt to do it yourself unless you have a natural flare for decoration and design . It would be better to enlist the services of someone who has been doing it for a long time.

Southbank residence
Design of renovation 2014
Kitchen, bathroom and ensuite
Interior Designers:

You can contribute by adding wall decorations like paintings, prints, framed photographs. Maybe a family portrait – something personal your family can connect to and enjoy together.

Richmond residence
Design of renovation 2017
bathroom (including laundry), ensuite, soft furnishings
Location: Richmond VIC
Builder: JMCarpentry
Photography: May Photography
Interior Designers:

3 Design Trend Expected to Continue

The Timeless Look

The timeless look or some kids would say “old school” styles.

2018 Designer of the Year

Sustainable Materials

People want to conserve the environment. Design thats deeper than aesthetics and represents a mission grounded in ethics.

2019 Design of the Year

Neutrals are now Colours

That’s right. rainbow bright colours are in and flat tones are out.

2020 Designer Runners up

How would you describe an interior design style?

It is a style that takes all the interior design elements and come up with something unique. Each style is certainly a lot different from the other so you may need to think for a long time before being able to make a choice.

How many interior design styles are there?

The number of interior design styles would depend on who you talk to. There are some people who have it at 20 while some say it is as many as 30. Of course, all of them could provide links to all the interior design styles.

What are the 7 elements of interior design?

The seven elements are colors, patterns, forms, textures, light, lines, and space. All these elements should all be considered when it comes to make the interior design of a home. It is impossible to make one when one of the elements is missing. In fact, it is possible you already used one of the elements without knowing that you already did considering how important they all are.

What is Joanna Gaines decorating style?

It is a modern farmhouse style. Since Gaines is one of the most interior designers in the world, there are a lot of interior designers who pattern their work after her style. You can’t blame them for doing so since you would need someone to look up to no matter which industry you belong to.

Location : Middle Park VIC
Photographer : May Photography

What are the types of interior design styles?

Scandinavian, Bohemian, Shabby Chic, Urban Modern, Farmhouse, Nautical, Industrial, and Mid-Western Modern. The names themselves speak for the type of interior design style you can expect. The architecture will be arranged the way it is meant to be. The furniture will be placed where they should be too.

What is Zen interior design?

Zen is basically a minimalist approach to living your life. The interior design will symbolize what that is all about. Since it makes use of natural light, you will certainly save a lot of money when it comes to paying the electricity bill.

How do I choose a design style?

You must take a look at each room or space and put your own home decoration input into it. When you combine all those things, you should be able to arrive with a good finished product. Besides, you don’t have to copy an interior design style exactly the way it is.

Final Bit

Special thanks to interior design for was their beautiful photographs of the amazing design works they’ve completed in Melbourne. Without these images this blog post would be absolutely terrible. Thanks Guys! Leave a review in the comment box below: